Use a Process Server on Long Island or the Sheriff for Service

By | May 10, 2019

While both the Sheriff and a Process server alike are qualified to serve court documents to persons involved in litigation. The order of priority given to serving documents is very different between the Sheriff’s office and a process server on Long Island. The priority given to serving documents in the Sheriff’s office, depends on the immediate workload of the sheriff’s office. A sheriff has a wide variety of important tasks to tend to each day.

Process Server on Long Island - Nasssau & Suffolk County NY

These tasks may include: transporting prisoners, delivering warrants, attending court hearings, traffic situations, 911 calls and more. Many tasks involve an immediate response, because public safety is at risk. The priority of serving documents can be lessened to more urgent life threatening situations. So, it can take longer for documents to be served, and the affidavit of service to be ready for pick-up. Many Sheriff’s offices require you to provide a confirmed address for the litigant to be served, this increases the ease and success rate of service. It also minimizes the time the Sheriff’s office will have to spend serving court documents.



Process service on Long Island for you


A process server on Long Island are required to know the laws and rules of serving court documents. This is their main focus of their job, so they allow plenty of time in their schedule to find the named litigant and properly serve the documents. Also, a process server on Long Island can look up additional information to find a hard to locate a person, as well as communicate with the client regarding the status of the service of process at hand. Sometimes it is necessary for a process server to wait at a specific place and time to serve the court documents.


Taking this extra time to find a litigant and properly serve them, can speed up the process of justice. Process server on Long Island makes it their goal to provide good customer service to their clients by communicating regularly regarding the progress of the service and doing their best to quickly serve the documents. They also release the affidavit of service without delay. This means your case can move forward, in a quicker time frame.


So if you have urgent documents to be served to a litigant, lawyers and paralegals alike agree that process server on Long Island is the more prudent choice. There are many skilled people who do  process service in Long Island to choose from. If you have more time and it’s not so urgent your case move forward, then you may consider the Sheriff’s office. Even though a process server is still qualified, according to the law to do the job.