Tree Service for Sebring, Avon Park, Lake Placid & Highlands County Florida

Being a homeowner is one of life’s great adventures. It is something that you look forward to, work so hard for, and are proud to maintain. It is a wonderful accomplishment and is not something that everyone can do. After purchasing your home, it is important to have all of the tools and resources in order to take care of it and maintain it properly. A resource you should have on your side is a company for tree service in, Sebring, Lake Placid, Avon Park orĀ  Highlands County Florida.


Why is that Important?

Tree service in Highlands County is important as a homeowner because they have your back. Between working, having a family, going to school, and other things that may be on your agenda, worrying about trees and their potential havoc on your property along with your lawn is the last thing you need to be doing. Without proper maintenance and removal, trees can cause extreme damage to your home, outbuildings, and property if not done so correctly. Learning how to choose the right tree service in Highlands County is an important part of being a local homeowner, so read on.


Ensure the Company is Reputable

Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone you can about who they personally have used and had good results with for tree service in Sebring or tree removal in Avon park Florida. Look outside your immediate area, as companies may be willing to travel a few miles. Get as many good recommendations as you can to compile your list. Once your list is together, go down and make sure anyone you are considering is licensed and insured. If something were to go awry, you want to ensure you will not be footed with the problem. Do not be afraid to ask for a copy of their business license and liability insurance. Do not just take their word for it. You are their customer and you have every right to ensure you are getting what you are paying for, a licensed and insured company.


It Doesn’t Count if it’s Not in Writing

While you are getting copies of the business license and liability insurance, do not forget about copies of your quotes! Invite a couple of companies out to your home to do an estimate of services you need like tree removal in Avon Park, or general tree service in Sebring. Keep all of these copies together so you know exactly what you are expected to pay and the amount does not magically change later.


Safety First

If you were climbing high up in the trees, you would be wearing safety gear like helmets and ropes, right? Your tree guys should be too. You should see a saddle, climbing ropes, glasses, and other safety gear. Do not hesitate to ask them to leave if they do not have these things or you feel like they are not the right people for the job. You are the homeowner, protect your turf!


When looking for tree service in Sebring or tree removal in Avon Park Florida, make sure you get personal recommendations, ask for copies of their business license, liability insurance, and all of the estimates. Make sure the guys that show up for the job are properly equipped in order to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Now relax, that is why you hired someone, isn’t it?